Would you like to feel more vibrant, abundant, and more peaceful as you move through each day—no matter what’s in front of you? Would you like some guidance and inspiration as you move through your healing journey? Would you like to live more consciously and be more present in each moment?

34 amazing individuals who have lived their own journey of healing and made the conscious choice in their own lives to live in a space of abundance and well-being are coming together to share their stories, strategies, tools, and wisdom for you! They are all co-authors of the soon-to-be-released book, Heal Thy Self.

10+ hours of totally complementary inspiration and lessons
just for you.

  • Are you living your life for everyone but you?
  • Are you making it through your day feeling like you’re in a fog?
  • Are you tired of trying so hard and coming up short?
  • Are you wondering if joy is possible for others and not you?
  • Are you just ‘hanging in there’ but not truly happy with your life?
  • Are you missing out on everyday abundance?

If you answered YES to any of these,
then this Summit is for YOU!

These interviews will give you the courage and know-how to stand up for yourself and learn how to thrive with grace and ease. They will assist you in having more peace and joy in your everyday living and will provide practical tools for you to achieve the level of success in business that you desire. These authors will help you take a good look into your life and relationships and fix what isn’t working, including the relationship you have with yourself, and so much more.

The Heal Thy Self Summit is here for you!
You’re going to love what you learn!

Our Guests for these Interviews are the
Amazing Authors of our soon-to-be-released Anthology Book titled

Heal Thy Self.

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Session Speakers and Topics


Ruth Kent – You can Shift Your Blueprint and Stop Living Life on Autopilot
Jackie Rioux – Transforming Our Lives through Healing the Past
Melanie Noullett – Crazy or Connected: Midlife Crisis or Spiritual Awakening
Nikki Maly – Expanding into Prosperity with ThetaHealing


Karen Schaaf – My Spiritual Quest
Crystal A. Davis – 3 Insider Tips for Turning Your Soul’s Calling into
Mission, Magnetic Marketing, and Money!
Leslie Miller Jewett – Zentangle and the Attitude of Gratitude
Heather Thomas – Healthy, Happy, & Harmonious Connections with Yourself


Amy J Hellman – Listening to Your Inner Guide
Kari Kelley – Insight Beyond Eyesight: Your Wise Inner Voice Never Steers You Wrong
Lisa Morgan – Transforming Trauma: The Truth Will Set You Free
Rachelle Delorey – Heal Thy Self for Transformation: Release the Darkness and Welcome God’s White Light and Love


Sherry Rueger Banaka – Healing from Loss: 4 Essentials to Reclaiming Your Life
Dr. Ina Nozek – The REAL Cause of the Global Health Crisis
Shelley Poovey – Radiant Human Meditation: Initiation into Energy to Access Your Full Potential
Kathy Sipple – Restoring Eden: How I am Healing Myself and My Community with Permaculture


Christina Ann Sullivan – From Magnificent Mess to Magnificent Best: Your Journey Begins Here
Angelica Amaral – And Now … What can I Give of Myself?
Beth Lynch – What is Spirit World trying to Teach Us about Life, Death, & Everything in Between?
Angela Hanna – Your Best Life Possible is Beckoning


Kathy Leone – Why Don’t My Intentions Manifest? Tapping the Power of the Subconscious Mind
Carly A. Thorne – Breaking and Discovering Patterns
Robin Schwoyer – We asked the Cherry Tree the Meaning of Life, and She Blossomed… Appreciating the Lessons Trees Teach Us
Lisa Sawyer – We Can Handle More Than We Think


Uma Alexandra Beepat – Your Pain is Your Experience
Karmynn Grimmer – Understanding “Dust in the Mind” for Health and Prosperity
Leah Rubba-Lazarus – The Sweet Smell of Transformation with The Aroma Freedom Technique
Michelle Goebel – Unlimited Healing: The Universe Heals Through the Heart


Wanda Buckner – Healing after Your Animal Friend’s Death: Words of Comfort from our Beloved Companions
Alexandra Roehr – How to Jump Start your Self-Healing Lifestyle
Francie Canter – Visionary Legends of Love
Kathy Fyler & Sue Urda – Be Peaceful & Happy No Matter What by Tapping Your Innate Wisdom