Most of us are familiar with the ritual of Spring cleaning. It’s a time when we open the windows, air out the house, clean out our belongings and discard stuff we no longer have use for. Why do we limit this to a once a year ritual for our homes? It’s often necessary to release the old to make room for the new. This holds true for many aspect of our lives not just for cleaning our homes but for our minds, bodies and emotions too. Is there a way we could practice Spring cleaning routinely in our personal lives? Think about it; what happens to old emotions that we hold on to, where do they go and how does this affect us?  

We are constantly creating emotions throughout our day usually from the moment we wake up and even into our sleep. We can have countless different emotions throughout the day, most of which we release nearly as quickly as they came about. Emotions are very powerful and have a dramatic effect on our day, our lives and the world around us, but what happens to the emotions we hold onto?

Think about someone you know that has “good luck”.  This person usually has an optimistic outlook on life and when presented with a challenge or an unfortunate situation, it doesn’t seem to shake their enthusiasm and yet somehow things always seem to work out. On the other hand, you may also know someone with “bad luck”. This person always falls into misfortune even when it doesn’t appear to be of their own doing. What could be the cause for such drastic results in these people’s lives? There are many reasons but it has a lot to do with the emotions they hold.

For the person with “good luck” they may not hold onto their negative emotions but instead take with them the lessons their life situations have taught them. Not holding on to the negative emotions provides them the space for opportunity to come in. The person with “bad luck” may get caught up in their negative emotions and what the current situation brings, allowing those emotions to take up space in their minds and/or bodies, blocking the opportunity for a change in outcome and sometimes causing them to get stuck in a pattern of misfortune. This is not to say that people with good luck don’t hold onto any emotions, just that it is less likely for them to hold onto negative emotions.

Holding onto emotions is commonly referred to as “baggage” and it takes space in our minds and in our physical bodies. By the age of 25 years old most all of us have a degree of emotional baggage from our life experiences. Holding emotional baggage can have lasting and sometimes permanent effects on our minds and bodies by causing physical disease. Similar to how the placebo effect works on the body for positive results, negative emotions can harm us and weaken our bodies leading to disease. There has been proven correlation with emotions and where it shows up in the body if not resolved or released. For example, anger weakens the liver, grief weakens the lungs, worry weakens the stomach, and fear weakens the kidneys. On the flip side, laughter reduces stress, smiles spreads happiness, and love brings peace and happiness which strengthens your mind and body.

Now having a better understanding on how our emotions affect us, how do we release the negative emotions and hold onto positive and more fulfilling emotions? Releasing old and negative emotions is a personal practice. There are numerous healing practices out there that aid in holistic health, balance and wellness. Meditation is a great way to clear and unclutter the mind. Yoga can help not only clear the mind because it is a moving meditation, but it can also aid in releasing any stuck emotions in the physical body. Reiki is another healing technique but it is more focused on releasing emotions for the physical body. I would recommend exploring what fits your personal style and needs. Each of these practices also have their own benefits. Trying any of the methods mentioned above is going to have positive benefits and there are many more methods and practices out there!

Creating space in our minds and bodies creates space in our lives. When we create space in our lives we invite new opportunities and experiences. Maintaining positive emotions encourages those opportunities to be positive and uplifting ones. Keep in mind I’ve used these generic and over simplified examples to make it easier to understand how our emotions shape our reality and affect our health and well-being. This is just the beginning.  I invite you to explore what it means for you to create space in your life and see what letting go can bring into your life. Happy “Spring” cleaning!

Nikki Maly is an intuitive specialist dedicated to supporting those seeking healing and life transformation. Trained in the healing arts of Usui Reiki, ThetaHealing™ and Hatha Yoga, she relies on her training and guides as the catalyst for divine transformation within her clients and students. Visit