Where would we be without books and the shared knowledge of others to empower us along our life’s journey?

I would like to share two books that were the most transformational for me.

One, I survived childhood sexual abuse. I went to several counselors  over the years, but it was a book that helped me the most. Secret Survivors by Sue E. Blume. It is written for survivors of incest, but expands that term to mean the perpetrator is anyone in the position of trust, not just a blood relative. With this expansion, this book is an eye-opener that explains the after effects that a survivor experiences and how those after effects are formed in childhood development. I highly recommend this book for anyone who has experienced a childhood trauma. Although written for sexual abuse, I am sure the information can relate to anyone who grew up with physical abuse, alcoholism, or other childhood traumas as well.

Two, I was so sick for over a year going through numerous tests before my doctor found that I had a ulcer.  It took a long time for my stomach to heal. During this time I read a book called Allergies: Disease in Disguise by Carolee Bateman-Koch. This book explains the processes in our digestive tract in processing food, how allergies and other diseases develop, and how to heal ourselves through natures first medicine: FOOD.

Along our life’s path and on going healing journey, I feel that knowledge is empowerment. Filling ourselves with the knowledge of phenomenal self help and inspirational books can transform our lives. These are my two recommendations. There are many more listed in my website as well.

I truly feel that our anthology book Heal Thy Self will be a catalyst for many people along their healing journey and I hope you may find these further recommendations empowering as well.