A few days ago, I posted a blog on “The Healing Power of an Authentically INSPIRED Vision”.

In that blog, I discussed Human Design, a system to help you ensure that your Vision is truly authentic—the key to a truly effective and HEALING Vision for your business and life.

Today, I want to highlight specifically how Human Design and my “Stand Out and Shine” system can help you to effectively remove Subconscious Blocks!



Again let’s look at my own personal Human Design Birth Chart:

Note the table to the right of the chart. This table has two columns of numbers with a column of astrological symbols in the middle.

The red numbers are the gates that define your unconscious self! Yep, you can use the knowledge of these gates to unearth your deepest subconscious fears!

The old management saying, ” You don’t know what you don’t know!” applies here.

For example, while I have gate 34 “the gate of power” activated in my chart, it is down in Neptune, the planet of removing illusion and revealing the truth. In my chart, gate 34 is both on the subconscious (red numbers) and conscious side (black numbers).

A portion of my power is actually purposefully buried in my subconscious and in Neptune where I have to remove illusion to reveal truth! WOW! It explains so much of my struggle in building my business!

I always say your purpose is your path and your path is your purpose. Have you considered that everything that has unfolded in your life is actually part of your life’s purpose? Or what I like to call your unique divine purpose?

When you understand your Human Design Birth Chart, you can more easily remove the deepest subconscious blocks and succeed in the most fulfilling way for you! Think about it… when you know what it looks like to be the real, authentic you, then it’s a matter of being her. A whole lot simpler than playing the guessing game!

Human Design helps you to unlock the door to your Soul’s calling as it helps you to bring what’s in your subconscious to the light for healing and transformation.

But that’s not all, Once you tune into your authentic truth with your Human Design Birth Chart, there are still emotional blocks that are likely getting in the way of your success.

In my experience, it is inner child work that most heals those parts of us that is resisting our success and the transformation in our businesses and lives. There are parts of you hidden in your subconscious that doesn’t feel emotionally ready for a change. This part of you may be even kicking and screaming like an immovable toddler who bucks your attempts at moving forward!

Another tool called Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT, created by Jennifer Mclean, Founder of “Healing with the Masters”). STT is a revolutionary tool that helps you to access your deepest emotional wounds for healing—once and for all!

The highlights of STT is to observe where you feel the emotion in your body and ask the aspect (inner child, animal totem, relative, etc.) what it feels. You become the neutral observer of your own emotions that have been blocked from your awareness for years, decades… most often since you were a small child! As you honor your true emotions, an amazing thing happens—you discover the gifts that you most needed to help you move forward in your business. The healing available to you is truly astounding!

Human Design and STT are just two parts of my “Stand Out and Shine” Magnetic Marketing Success Transformation System TM where I help my clients to turn their Soul’s calling into mission, magnetic marketing and money! 

You see, you have to know who you really are (Human Design), remove the hidden subconscious blocks (STT) AND build your business at the same time.

And, It can be much simpler that you think! Let me show you the way…

If you have been struggling to turn your Soul’s calling into mission, magnetic marketing and money, I invite you to learn more in my special report: From Silence to Applause: 3 Tips for Creating Magnetic Marketing that Attracts Your Tribe of Ideal and Perfect Clients”. You can also receive your FREE Human Design Birth Chart and apply for a complimentary Unique Brilliance Discovery Session with me where I will help you to discover your unique brilliance, remove subconscious blocks, and finally turn your Soul’s calling into Mission, Magnetic Marketing and Money!

Love and Brilliance,